Day 1 (May 28)

8:00--9:30: Registration

9:30--10:30: (Invited Talk) "Near-fieldPrivacy",
   Lejla Batina

10:30--11:00: Coffee break

Cryptography and Cryptanalysis

11:00--11:45: "Multiplicative Homomorphic E-Auction With Formally Provable Security",
   Kun Peng and Matt Henricksen

11:45--12:30: "Malleable Signatures for Resource Constrained Platforms",
   Henrich C. Pöhls, Stefan Peters, Kai Samelin, Joachim Posegga, and Hermann de Meer

12:30--13:15: "Cryptographic Key Exchange in IPv6-Based Low Power, Lossy Networks",
   Panagiotis Ilia, George Oikonomou, and Theo Tryfonas

13:15--14:30: Lunch

Mobile Security

14:30--15:15: "URANOS: User-Guided Rewriting for Plugin-Enabled ANdroid ApplicatiOn Security",
   Daniel Schreckling, Stephan Huber, Focke Hohne, and Joachim Posegga

15:15--16:00: "Online Banking with NFC-enabled Bank Card and NFC-enabled Smartphone",
   Max Gunther and Bernd Borchert

Gala dinner

Day 2 (May 29)

8:00--9:00: Registration

9:00--10:00: (Invited Talk) "Securing Critical Infrastructures: Challenges and Opportunities",
   Corrado Leita

10:00--10:30: Coffee break

Smart Card and Embedded Devices

10:30--11:15: "A Defensive Virtual Machine Layer to Counteract Fault Attacks on JavaCards",
   Michael Lackner, Reinhard Berlach, Wolfgang Raschke, Reinhold Weiss, and Christian Steger

11:15--12:00: "A Forward Privacy Model for RFID Authentication Protocols",
   Daisuke Moriyama, Miyako Ohkubo, and Shin'ichiro Matsuo

12:00--12:45: "On secure embedded token design: Quasi-looped Yao circuits and bounded leakage",
   Simon Hoerder, Kimmo Jarvinen, and Daniel Page

12:45--13:30: "Lightweight Authentication Protocol for Low-Cost RFID Tags",
   Pierre Dusart and Sinaly Traore`

13:30--14:30: Lunch

14:30--15:00: Concluding Remarks